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Tired of managing door access using traditional locks and keys? Here is the solution!

Your security matters

Once you choose to be smart with Access Control, your doors will automatically lock, allowing only employees with the right credentials access into the building.

With EOSS managed Access Control services, businesses and residential places can histrionically enhance their ability to secure their assets, inventory, and people. You can now use access cards and biometrics to present your credentials at access points. You can keep your building secure without compromising on the convenience of access for those who need to enter your building.

EOSS experts provide access cards solution for all commercial and industrial buildings anywhere in UAE including:


Mandatory Access Control (MAC):

A control model in which access rights are regulated by a central authority based on multiple levels of security.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC):

In DAC, the owner of data determines who can access specific resources.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):

RBAC allows access based on the job title. RBAC eliminates discretion on a large scale when providing access to objects.

Rule-Based Access Control (RAC):

RAC method is largely context-based. An example of this would be only allowing students to use the labs during a certain time of day.

Most Trusted Technologies


Authentication Factors:

Password or PIN

Bio-metric measurement (fingerprint & retina scan)

Card or Key

Security strategies for your business

Benefits that you can conquer:

  • Restrict unauthorized access as needed.
  • Can easily remove the credential of an employee if he/she is no longer an active employee.
  • Limiting employee access to certain areas.
  • Monitor employee activity in real-time.
  • Easy access to doors without the use of traditional keys.
  • No need for a large key ring just access all doors with one key card.


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