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access control by rfid reader


Tired of managing door access using traditional locks and keys?
Here is the solution!

With EOSS managed Access Control services, businesses and residential places can histrionically enhance their ability to secure their assets, inventory, and people. You can now use access cards and biometrics to present your credentials at access points. You can keep your building secure without compromising on the convenience of access for those who need to enter your building.

cctv install services

CCTV !!!

Need a surveillance Service to keep you secure?

Enjoy a clear peace of mind with a reliable 24/7 eye of security with CCTV coverage all-around your business and residence environment. CCTV security cameras can help you to detect the culprits of theft, assault, and a variety of other crimes.


Want to check who is at the door before you let them in?
You can access your front entry by just utilizing a cellphone and grant access to visitors after confirming. Also, deny access to unwanted guests. Because it is important to feel safe inside your home. EOSS offers both indoor and outdoor intercom solutions. So you can access your front entry either from the front door or from your front gate. Keep your property secure by controlling the entry of guests. It is important that, your safety and privacy in both business and home properties.
eye on security intrusion alarm system


Wasn’t you disappointed in finding a Fire and Intruder detecting alarm system in one place?

Building a safer residential building and a place of business begins with choosing smart alarm systems that are built to respond to your security needs. No need of thinking twice about risking your property whether it’s a home, store, office, or commercial property. Having an alarm system gives you more confidence by keeping your assets, people, and property safe and secure.

EOSS specializes in providing:

  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Fire Alarm


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